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ноѕнi no nαмiδα July 22, 2010.


For those of you that do not speak Japanese, that means "Hello and how are you?" It really has been a long time (well a month.) I'm done watching "Temptation of An Angel" and as promised, here's a new layout. <3.

I started working on "Winter Love Story" and already am 4 paragraphs into the first chapter. I'm contemplating on making it only a One shot story type-thingie but I might not.

I mean the banner is made so I should make it at least a few chapters long.

I won't say what it's about yet but I will promise that tomorrow I will finish what I've started working on about it so I'll be able to post it. <3.

Remember, I'm doing this for you guys!

Love ya!

Short update, I know. Bleh!

Well, for now that's all. Ja ne! (Goodbye.)

~Teng Liu-Yi.

ноѕнi no nαмiδα August 02, 2010.

-- [N i h a o-MA?]

For those of you that do not speak Chinese, Mandarin, that means "Hello" and it also can mean "Hello, how are you?"

I finished chapter one of "Winter Love Story" a few days ago (more like a week or two ago) and posted it! I'm going to maybe post it on here too when I finish at least two more chapters but I'll only post it in the "Stories" page as a link to the story itself.

I still will not say what it's about but when it's posted, you'll find out because it will be pretty self-explanatory.

Remember, I am doing this for you guys!

Well, for now, that's all. Zaiqien! (Goodbye.)

That may not have been spelled right, by the way. (The "Zaiqien" word.)

~Teng Liu-Yi.

ноѕнi no nαмiδα August 02, 2010.


For those of you that do not speak Korean, that means "Hello and How are you" in Korean.

Anyways, I've added a chatango box back on my site. The first time I had that box was when I had a different layout that I had an enter page to and since I do not quite have an enter page right now, the Chatango box is going to be on every page I have. I'm currently working on getting a page for Sakurako Tanaka (an original character) set up as well as one for Kira Aso from MARS and one for Miaka Yuuki from Fushigi Yuugi. I may make other pages for other characters I have, but for now, those are the pages I'll work on.

Lately, I've been getting too many ideas on if I should role play original characters or ones from shows I watch. What do you guys think I should do?

To answer that, click on the little "Set Name" button on the sidebar in the Chatango box, sign up for a name and that will let you sign in every time you visit my site to talk to me and to give me ideas on what I should do.

That brings me to another subject; if I place a Forum on this site for role playing, who would sign up for it? I mean, I already have a forum for role play but since this is my site, I'll place the link of the forum on here for you to go there to sign up and role play but who would actually do that? I need members, which is obvious, and the members I need are ones that are committed to a role play and at least posses good grammar and linguistics.

End of that subject and onto another one.

Since I'm having so much fun with this site, I hope it can become a popular one.

Annyeong! (Bye.)

~Teng Liu-Yi.


  • 07|22|2010; New layout featuring Asian actor/singer/model and actress/model.
  • 08|02|2010; New layout featuring Anime boy and girl.
  • 08|02|2010; Added a Chatango Chat Box for you guys.